What to expect when you train with Focused on Fitness?


Focused on Fitness offers a variety of options for your personal fitness goals. We have a few in-house trainers that are certified in a multitude of areas. We recognize that finding the right trainer is crucial to your success and enjoyment throughout your membership. Every class and personal training session is designed specifically for our groups and every single client. Depending on your goals, we will closely work with you through our classes and programs to help you reach your desired results. Our structure for offering the best results include but are not limited to weight loss, increased strength, or enhanced agility and flexibility.



A weight loss program consists of high calorie burning exercises such as circuit training, and weight training. You will not be running on a treadmill, Focused on Fitness will lead you through challenging and effective exercises that will keep you engaged, and get you results. Although these workouts will be tough, you will have fun, and you will gain energy and confidence.



As women, we all need to work on our strength, especially as we get older. Lean muscle mass is crucial to our overall health. A variety of our classes we offer provide strength conditioning that will challenge you and get you results.

Focused on Fitness designs strength classes that brings you to the “burn”. This will make you feel better than you have ever felt in your life. As you build muscle, you will have an overall leaner look and will lose inches all over your body.



If you are already fit, but you are looking to reach the next level, Focused on Fitness provides classes that will get you there. Focusing on your goals, we will work through plyometric routines, intervals, and strength and flexibility.